23% of Gen Z is investing in memes like Dogecoin (only 9% in NFTs)
2021-05-18 18:58

Nearly a quarter of young, new crypto investors are actively investing in meme-driven cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, a survey by betting app Gamblers Pick found recently.

Meme narratives have spruced up the crypto space massively in the past few months driven by the likes of Dogecoin (and celebs like Elon Musk continuously shilling such coins). The ‘meme’ sector, as CryptoSlate data shows, commands over 3.43% of the entire crypto market cap and is worth over $70 billion at press time.
Choose memes, choose Dogecoin
The study asked 872 people about their investment strategies to explore how different generations were investing across financial markets. 
Twenty-four percent of those respondents were ‘Gen Zers’ (born between late 1990-early 2010s), 27% were millennials (born between …