Elon Musk Shills Dogecoin “As Future Currency of Earth”, Will Doge Price Break $1?
2021-06-18 10:41

Has Elon Musk adopted Dogecoin or is he a secret holder of Dogecoin? Seems like Elon is in moon mode on Doge and won’t stop until he sends the Meme Coin to $1.

70% Twitter Votes for Dogecoin as Future Currency of Earth in Elon’s Pull
Elon’s love for Dogecoin seems to have no end and the billionaires continues to shill Dogecoin among his twitter followers. In his latest tweet today, he asked his followers to vote for future currency of Earth. Interestingly, he put Dogecoin as one options and all other cryptos as other options. Dogecoin holders have long been pushing for Doge price to break $1 and Elon seems to fully support their sentiments.
The future currency of Earth
— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 6, 2021
Just few days back, Elon returned to twitter and promoted Dogecoin raising Doge price by over 50%. So, the question is with Elon in Moon Mode, will Doge price break $1?
Famous Crypto analyst, Mati provided an important insight and said that over tweeting about Doge will finally end influencing Doge prices.
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You know there is a limit to how much @elonmusk can influence prices with his tweets.
We saw this from Warren Buffett in 2011 where everyone rushed to follow his investments until he started doing it intentionally. Eventually the market just didn't care.
— Mati Greenspan (tweets ≠ financial advice) (@MatiGreenspan) February 4, 2021
This can be seen by the charts as well, as Elon tweets more and more about Dogecoin, his followers might take it as usual and stop giving it any weight. Same is true for Media as well.